Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flag City RV park

On January 24th the club travelled to Lodi for an outing. Nine rigs and 18 people made the trip. The trip was hosted by Tom and Ora Mae McLoughlin.
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Friday, January 16, 2009


As of January 15, 2009

Month Meeting Date Campout Date Trail Boss and Site
January Wed. 14th Tues. 27th - Fri. 30th McLoughlin

February Wed. 11th Tues. 24th - Fri. 27th

March Wed. 11th Tues. 24th - Fri. 27th

April Wed. 8th Tues. 21st - Fri. 24th Vicki Andreotti
Morgan Hill
May Wed. 13th Tues. 19th - Fri. 23rd Douglas
(date changed) West Sacramento KOA
June Wed. 10th Tues. 23rd - Fri. 26th Maxwell
49er RV Park - Plymouth
July Wed. 8th Tues. 28th - Fri. 31st Fiechtner
Jackson Rancheria
August Wed. 12th Tues. 25th - Fri. 28th Horne
September Wed. 9th Tues. 22nd - Fri. 25th Doporto

October Wed. 14th Tues. 27th - Fri. 30th Susan Rothman
Richard Manning
November Wed. 11th Tues. 17th - Fri. 20th Zacher
(date Changed)
December Wed. 9th CHRISTMAS PARTY 5:30 - 9 p.m.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Casa de Fruta

Six rigs and 13 people made the trip to celebrate the new year at Casa de Fruta. Goldie and Marlyn Carlson, their guests son Gary and his wife Regina; Linda and Don Sparks; Dick and Denise Doporto; Chig and Kathy Chigbrow, their guests Irene Mehaffy, Curt and Dawn Aurich.
Chig and Kathy hosted the trip. A campfire was lit each evening and mornings as it was chilly. There were no scheduled side trips. However a puzzle was worked on and a game of Washers was played by several campers. On Thursday Linda and Don traveled on to the Hollister area. On Friday Chig, Kathy Curt and Dawn moved on to Morro Bay for an additional 4 days. Everyone else returned home on Friday.